Contacts with other organisations

Arch-Deacon His Grace Benjamin Mamluk
Mamluk arrived 2 years ago replacing the Deacon Bartholomew. Mamluk a hard liner has expanded the power of the church and is armed with experiences as a front line guard preacher. Mamluk comes with an entourage of Confessors an other veteran Ecclesiarchy staff. This hardened ex-preacher came up through the ranks of the Ecclesiarchy the hard way. He served with a variety of regiments, in protracted cult suppression actions in Sabbat worlds. This has steeled him in both leadership and combat, his success in the Sabbat worlds catapulted him to higher positions, where he showed the same single minded determination.

The obligations of Mamluk are to maintain and promote the worship of the Emperor of Mankind as the one, true God of Humanity. The shrine city of Byzantios is the heart of the faith on Kyros and is an independent city under Ecclesiarchy control. Every city and town of note has at least one Temple or more in the case of the larger conurbations.

Canoness Commander Helena Augusta Order of the Argent Shroud
Augusta is a highly decorated combat officer famed company leader of one of the seven to be tasked to the third war of Armageddon. Helena emerged for Fire Wastes of Armageddon a year after the opening of the war with two squads remaining, where after they retired from the conflict due to the crippling loses.
Helena Augusta and attached elite forces where tasked to Kyros three decades ago, the reasons behind the placement of such an august Canoness to back water Kyros is not clear. After the losses on Armageddon her placement could be seen as a punishment, yet the inversely a well deserved rest for heroes after a conflict which even shattered Astartes chapters.
On Kyros the recovering Argent Shroud sisterhood have been given or have taken up a number of labours. The orders Militant are Protectors of the faith working from their duel fortress convents and operating as the planets witch-smeller pursuivants. While the Orders Hospitaller operate two medical ships,two hospitals one in Byzantios one Tinos, as well as Schemes to feed the hungry, and staff/ fund orphanages and veteran homes.

Caretaker of the Generatorium Magos Errant Irfan
Very little is known about Irfan even his name, Irfan means knowledge and learning in an pre-unification Terran dialect. Which makes it likely its the Magos little joke rather than a genuine name. Some say the Magos was trained on Mars itself, if so Kyros is a unfortunate backwater for someone which such a prestigious background. What ever the truth maybe the Magos works diligently from his Uranium mine with attached reactor core foundry located in mountains 250 km north of imperial capital. Irfan arrived 50 years ago, and has been maintaining and improving the Pressurized heavy-water reactors with associated power grid and co-administering the Offshore Girdler sulfide chemical exchange facilities. It was Irfan who renegotiated the Milos shipyards contract during a rare personal appearance, otherwise few have even meet the Magos even amongst the elite of Kyros.

First Princep Arkadios “ Bear” Heron
Heron has spent his adult life in the Auxilai, originally hailing from the city of Boreas in the far north. He gained his nickname from an incident in the wilds of Boreas territory, a bear attack while solo hiking. After the attack Heron only just escaped with his life, living injured in the wilderness for four weeks, three weeks after rescue teams gave up. Heron finally limped into a outlying agri-colony near death. This incident strangely cemented Heron’s love for the wilderness, reasoning little worse could occur. His expertise was eventually recognised, with his transfer to the famous Auxilai Rangers of Tinos. During the following years Heron aimed the tenacious attitude that permitted his survival, towards his careerer and a meteoric rise to the top of the organisation followed .

The First Princep Arkadios Heron is the supreme commander of the Kyros Auxilai (Planetary Defence Force), charged with the defence of the planet from outside forces and protection of imperial assess from internal conflicts. The city of Tinos is the core responsibility of the Tinos Auxilai secondly comes the protection of th instillation at Port D and its supply pipeline to Tinos, tasked jointly to the Kyros Auxilai and Adeptus Arbites. The responsibilities of the Auxilai also include the detention and death of any mutants born into the planetary population.

Governor Mastor Priam Alexandros
The last descendant of house Priam of the ancient devastated city of the same name, this is the claim of the current governor Mastor Priam Alexandros. Few believe in the publicised lineage claims but none can establish any other background.
Mastor appeared almost out on nowhere a century ago to claim the highest seat on Kyros, previously he had administered a mulit-city mercantile finance firm. This firm had been influential but not sufficient to raise its leader to the heady heights of planetary governor. What would bring Mastor to the Cyclopean citadel was, firstly a perfect storm of events and finally a ancient and unlikely threat.
The unlikely events where the accidental deaths, disappearances or unexpected withdrawal, of almost every possible ascendant to the governorship. These “events” occurred in a matter of weeks and with precision and secrecy on other could match or claimed to. Only when Mastor Priam appeared on the steps of the Cyclopean citadel claiming leadership of Kyros, did it become clear who had been responsible for the winnowing of opposition forces. Even so the opposition to Priam persisted, till Priam unveiled his ace, the functioning D6 defence platform which incinerated the clan stronghold of Agamemnon of the city Talos. This once forgotten platform still hanging in orbit, silenced open opposition to the administration. Many speculate on the functionality of this one remaining platform. Recorded EMP discharges at the time of firing and current orbital power readings could all point to it being limited or non-operative in function, despite this few have come forwards to to challenge Priam and test this. Never the less in the intervening century since his accession he has strengthen his position tenfold.

Brother Deo Kosmas
Deo Kosmas was born in the mountain township of Proteus, growing up the son non-clerical acolyte who raised his son with a fervent faith. Not particularly charismatic Deo is nevertheless an energetic and a grand organiser, who turned an archaic tiny group into a globe force in the span of a decade.
The Frateris Militia, in its monumentally expanded numbers have taken on the mantel as the protesters of the creed. This places its membership as the physical protectors of in theory every Ecclesiarchy property on Kyros, meaning there are brothers in every settlement on the planet.

Drill Abbot Theo Momus
Abbot Theo departed the Kyros mustering field four hundred years past, with the 124th Guard founding of Kyros, few every return especially after such a period. Momus’s record is not common knowledge but some whisper what every conflicts he took part in must be vast distances away to extend his life so with immense warp travel times. He returned 50 years ago already ordained and showed an uncompromising and stubborn nature in his punishing training regimes, which doubled student mortality rates.
The obligations of Abbot ends at the cloister gates, with his sole focus being the shaping of elite youth brigades for a bright imperial future.

Eduardo Balanovsk Principal Astropath
Balanovsk appears as an improbably tall and broad-shouldered man with a shaven head and a long, grey-streaked beard. Over his dead eyes he wears an embroidered band around his head to cover the empty sockets this being the only note of physical weakness about him, for even in his robes he is obviously a large and muscular man.
Balanovskdoes does not permit anyone to send a message through his astropaths, unless he deems it necessary. Isolated in his Star singers spire hanging over Kyros he and his fellows only dane to descend to the planet to preform readings of the emperors tarot cards, for the most wealthy and influential of clients only. The sole responsibility which the Astropaths must discharge is the relay of imperial massage traffic to the surface. The choir are also contracted by other organisations to read the Emperor’s Tarot on their behalf. Balanovsk provides a extraordinary service to the most special clients or in the most dire times demonstrating his talent as seer. He whispers into a conch then holding it to his ear to receive the echoed reply in his own voice describing the future, this performance is dangerously draining to him.

High Technocrat Aya Junko
The role of High Technocrat (Prefectus) is hereditary on Kyros, meaning the Junko family was given the position three millennium ago by House Alexandros and they still hold it today. Aya is a particularly shrewd member of a family famed for bureaucratic cunning. Aya’s appearance runs contrary to many expectations, a young and athletic man only in his mid thirty’s. Aya is a popular figure in the high society of Talos, known to holiday on the islands of Calyx and to be personal friends of the duchess of Calyx. The house of Junko values continuity above all else and Aya keeps to that quantity as well, meticulous managing the Administratum’s responsibility’s. The list of roles are many but are most importantly firstly collect the Imperial tithe from start, at the vast offshore facility’s through the pipeline at Port D, to end at the star port at Talos where its collected. Secondly to act as independent adjudicator of the city state ritualized combats. Thirdly to manage imperial logistics for local imperial organs the Adeptus Arbites, 19th Scintillan Fusiliers and Adeptus Astra Telepathica Astropath. Finally a number of instillations and equipment of planetary infrastructure comes solely under the power of the the High Technocrat. The Star port at Kyros being the largest, as well as the precarious planetary Vox relay network and Travellers rest system beacon.

Judge Primus Kurts Werner
A man with nearly two decades of experience in the Sabbat Sector, Arbitrator Judge Primus Kurts Werner was promoted after a devastating injury and rotated to the Kyros precinct one year ago. Now in his late fifties, Werner views his rank with a mixture of honour and resentment, eager to bring justice to this new world but also struggling with the fact that he can no longer so readily lead his men in combat as he did earlier in his career. Unwilling to let all his old duties fall away in place of newer ones, Werner still interrogates many suspects personally, his scarred visage serving to intimidate the weaker-willed of his captives. He is a shrewd interrogator, having learned a great deal working alongside many skilled Chasteners over the years, and his eye for detail is sharper than ever.
He has only one objective as master of Kyros precinct house, the upholding of the Lex Imperialis. Lex Imperialis does not deal with the laws of specific planets. Instead, it deals with the rule of the Imperium: in other words, the Imperial Tithe and the legal workings of the Imperium as a whole, the law codes that bind the human-settled galaxy together within a single, if feudal, interstellar government. A mundane task recently added to Werner’s worry s is the joint defence of the Port D installation/pipeline jointly held with the Tinos Auxilai. This task was taken up after a rather pathetic and ineffectual bombing of the pipeline in the coarse of a labour dispute, Aya Junko won the arbites interdiction as it “threatened” the tithe.

Master of Ordnance Sebastian Dufort
Sebastian Dufort recently promoted colonel in the Scintillan Fusiliers, is a minor noble man of Hive Tarsus on Scintilla. The Dufort family ascended to the nobility through heroic actions in the guard, but in the last few centuries the family have focused mercantile pursues. Sebastian was unhappy with his position as first son which sentenced him to a life in the Goldenhand, a vast complex of trading halls and auction houses at the hive citys core. To escape this dull fate as Sebastian saw it he joined the Scintillan Fusiliers a decision even his powerful family could not reverse. The consequences where to be disowned by his farther but Sebastian has never regretted it raising methodically through the ranks with honourable actions in the Spinward Front in the Calyx Expanse. The transfer of the regiment so far from the Calixis Sector to such a provincial planet as Kyros came as a unpleasant surprise. Perhaps the power of Dufort senior finally reached his son imposing this banishment or perhaps they have become misplaced in the gigantic bureaucracy of the Administratum maybe Sebastian offended the wrong Imperial Grand strategist? Currently they fit no role on Kyros mealy settling into a prolonged resting action since there arrival 6 months ago.

The Scintillan Fusiliers is the name given to the combined arms regiments hailing from the Hive World of Scintilla in the Calixis Sector. Composed largely of mechanised and line infantry regiments with a handful of armoured formations and Grenadier units, the men and women of the Scintillan Fusiliers are drawn from the best and brightest that the Scintillan nobility has to offer.

No gods or monsters just man and what he brings

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