Oceans of Kyros

The oceans of Kyros cover 88 percent of the planet and are the source of its greatest resources, as well as being the most viable medium of trade and transport for its people.
Land based transport links are disrupted by the mountainous inertias, while the sea offers a means of transport which reaches the majority of humanity in their coastal cities. Below is listed the character of the ocean going vessels / facilities of Kyros.

Offshore Girdler sulfide chemical deep water semi mobile platforms


Jointly administrated with the Administratum.
12 platforms 75,000 gross tonnage each
Each houses a crew of :-
25 mono-tasked servitors
12 menials
3 Administratum staff
The platforms are serviced by local city state merchant vessels, who transport away the deuterium and bring supply’s.

Civil shipping
Civil shipping is not limited to merchant and transport vessels moving people and goods around the globe. The oceans have a host of resources other than the deuterium, fishing grounds and promethean fields (oil) being the primary. These resources are collected by a huge variety of shipping, from the smallest fishing boat to mighty super tankers and mobile ship drilling rigs for raw promethean tapping. These operations are run but individuals in the case of smaller enterprises and city sates and large charter merchant companys for massive enterprises such as promethean tapping.
The charter merchant companys account for some of the largest commercial bodies on Kyros, the imperial governor himself is a scion of the largest mercantile shipping clans.

Military vessels

The primary and dominate military vessel is the IronTrireme, these are heavily armoured against all but the most powerful weaponry coming in around 17,000 tons . Armed with (457 mm) guns capable of throwing shells for tens of kilomiters. Mobility is provided by power plants utilizing steam turbines to work up spee
d few other vessels can match. Ships complements are up to 500 men on the largest vessels a mixture of enginseers, menial crew and military officers, some vessels even house continent of marines.

These ships are built and operated exclusively by city states alone. They exist in fairly limited numbers with even the largest cities having no more than a handful. This is due in two parts, one the excessive cost to build and operate such ships and secondly the focus on the Auxilai and their ritual combat to solve disputes.

Oceans of Kyros

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