Skies of Kyros

The skies over Kyros are on the whole clear, with little traffic or even facilities to motioner air traffic.


Civil aviation
The unpopularity of air flights on Kyros has a number of factors. Primarily its due to the dominance of the mercantile shipping clans who have quashed anything showing any signs of competition to there iron hold. Secondly however its the cost of flights, uneconomical for any bulk goods even for the transport of people it is only the rich be able to afford transport on the handful of civil agencies.

City state military aviation
Used exclusively for reconnaissance, the majority of cities maintain a few planes with limited or no combat abilities.

Imperial aviation
The different imperial organisations maintain a variety of aircraft from their use. Aircraft spanning bulk lifters to military grade drop-ships. Each organisation keeps access to these advance craft limited to their personnel.
Craft seen in the skies of Kyros include Aquila Lander’s, Arvus Lighter’s and Valkyrie, with such limited local rivalry this puts the holders of such craft in a decisive advantage.

Motioner facilities
Radar instillations are present in a few of the city states but offer limited local viability only.
Defences platform D6 and ground control Tinos are the only installations with any kind of Auspex coverage. Such coverage is limited to the airspace and orbit above Tinos and the patchy coverage of where ever platform D6 is passing over.

Skies of Kyros

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