Cities of Kyros

Common attributes amongst cities

Each city at leasts keeps an attachment of 500 Auxilai, the number required for the ritual combats. Most cities choose to maintain numbers well above this, often in the region of 1500-2000 men and women under arms. Technically they are all members of the PDF and come directly under the command of the first Princep in Tinos and therefore the Governor, practically this has been little tested.

Unless passed from imperial hands technology of the city states rarely rises above what might be expected on 1940-50 earth.

The form of governance radically changes from city to city and even through time in each city. However a kind of Mercantile Plutarchy is most common, with Mercantile clans directly of indirectly governing the city states.

Policing does of course vary as well but on the whole Rod-bearers full fill the role of internal security forces. The Rod-bearers are so named for their iron rods of office, these rods can often be electrify or even project limited fields to stun or disable, fire arms are not common. Some city states send rod-bearer officers for training with the Adeptus Arbites, those which do often have the most effective institutions.

List of cities of Kyros

University city formed from rouge scholars from Clio who wished to escape the intellectual oppression there. The city was originally a small settlement manufacturing local privative Cogitator units, since the appearance of the rouge scholars the out put of Cogitator has slowed but the quality has rocketed approaching imperial standards.

Theocratic government
The shrine city of Byzantios is the heart of the faith on Kyros and is an independent city under Ecclesiarchy control. The city’s only export is faithful, in the form of trained priests and other Ecclesiarchy functionaries. The city relays on imports of everything from food to manufactured goods, yet the coffers of the Ecclesiarchy has little problem in keeping up the flow of supply’s.
Byzantios lacks of manufactorums, shipyards, warehouses or any other practical buildings to blight its skyline, allowing it to be one of the most beautiful city’s on the planet. Its long avenues are lined with exquisite statuary, and its skyline pricked with impossibly elegant towers and wide domes of
Ministorum temples. Founded three millennia ago during the initial seeding of the planet, its had three thousand years to focus the planets wealth and celebrate “his” divinity in marble, gold, icons and beauteous frescos.

Family Plutarchy
Boreas is an unremarkable city with a mix economy manufacturing goods for local internal and local consumption. What is noteworthy is its extreme northerly location on the edge of the land which does not suffer from permafrost. During the winter strong winds buffer city, reaching speeds of 120km regularly.

Limited democratic republic
To the far south is Brizo, a collection of vessels platforms and scrap held together to form a massive platform which the city spans. The original “settlers” where escaped workers from Ceto who rebelled against their captains and formed a co-operative society serving out at sea, removed from the reach of the dominating Mercantile clans of Ceto. The city grew fast of recent centuries attracting like liberal citizens who enjoy the civil freedoms to offer. The people of Brizo like their ancestors work harvesting the sea but also farm it as well, with vast enclosed net systems bridging the platforms continuant vessels. Each enclosed net contains colonies of prized fish which are feed on algae grown in the guts of some of the old super tankers. The distance and semi-mobile nature of the city has kept it from the wrath Ceto over the years, yet the growing navy of Ceto (a fifth Iron Trireme bought from the Milos shipyards last year) does pose a significant threat.

Limited democratic republic
Forestry is normally the preserve of the mountain townships, however Creon has developed a framing technique for sustainable hight quality lumber. The low lands around the city are dominated by a fast growing evergreen variety, forests spanning hundreds of kilometres. At the forests core are the sawmill and lumber yard which process the wood for manufacture else where. The city also produces smaller quantities of decorative hard woods for consumption by the rich in high status goods.

An Historcal university city founded and completely focused on education, taking students from around the globe to education them along a very structured and some would consider stilted formal rout. The city is ruled by the administrators of the various collages and is self sufficient in food and little else, with focus of investment located almost solely on to the development of the collages.

Mercantile Dictatorship
Ceto is a port city specialising in exploiting the biological wealth of the sea. The city is the home port of a significant factory ship fleet who travels the oceans harvesting fish and ocean based mammals. The city itself is monopolized by the factories drying, smocking and freezing the bounty of the sea for distribution. A unpleasant aroma hangs over the city as a result, the atmosphere further diminished by the horns of the factories calling workers to their 12 hour shifts. The factories run all day all year round with huge workforces operating crude production lines, which never cease.

Independent Kingdom
Globally celebrated for its beautiful beaches and relaxing surrounds is the island kingdom of Calyx. This island sits 50km of the mainland coast on the equator, providing warm seas and a sub-tropical climate. Once the private holiday retreat of the Merchant Princelings of house Alexandros then the planetary governors now independent and ruled by the same family for almost two millennia.
The city’s native population is comparatively low but is swelled by visitors, the natives of Calyx are perdomiitly indentured survants or serfs. The house of Calyx maintian order through brutal enforcers lording over the lower castes and hugly encreasing there personal wealth in the process.
Calyx is one of the only cities to embrace aircraft maintaining a large air fleet with some of the most advanced aircraft Porta Caeli could supply.

Family Plutarchy
A Mining city which specialises in extracting coal and refining it into gas and liquids fuels. These fuel products are further manipulated into plastics in local factorys. The city itself is pungent with hydrocarbons from the mega facilities surrounding its centre, trade has made the city rich but also blighted it with massed industrial structures.

Hereditary dictatorship
Maker of some of the most reliable las-weapons and other wargear on the planet. Capable of production on a mass scale or in artisan quality, depending on the needs of the client.

Recreational city which has avoided industrialization in favour for development as a garden city attracting world wide visitors. The city is positioned on a monumental cliff over looking the sea, it makes use of a sophisticated lift system to give access to the high statues accommodations embedded in the huge white cliffs. The view from these cliff villas as the sun sets is supposed to be spectacular, as are the formal gardens on top of the cliffs.

Mixed Mercantile Plutarchies, Family Plutarchies and Limited democratic republic’s
Less a city more a collection of smaller fishing towns and mercantile navel facilities spanning 100 km of coast. They have over 500 years grouped into a co-operative to survive in the face of outside competition. A chaotic place with little uniformity of governance, yet surprisingly productive never the less.

Family Plutarchy
Agri-city focused primarily on supplying the nearby Tinos and Port D, which are not self sufficient for food or manufactured goods.

One of the original cities established during the seeding of the planet, it was designed to function as the planets second city and second star-port. The ferrocrete foundations were layout and infrastructure established, yet no major city grew. Still today the bones of the city is spread wide with a aborted settlement at its core squatting on the ferrocrete landing pads meant for the star port. The city functions as focus for a crude chemical industry which begin utilising the bulk fuel storage containers originating from the unused star-port. The current leadership stems from the first bureaucratic structure established to oversee the cities construction.

Poor, populous but celebrated for the local music and and bombastic religious festivals held annually. The darker side of the city is located in the shanty towns which dominate the hills around the crumbling city centre. Cartels control the outlying shanties and passing narcotics trade. The Cartels utilizes the neglected port facilities to export the botanic narcotics grown in the foot hills of the province all around the world.

Mercantile Plutarchy
The city of Limnos sits high on its coastal plane, set unusually far back from the sea. What else is unusual about Limnos is the extraordinary quality of its wine and Amasec. The low rolling hills of the surrounding land provide the perfect environment for the huge vineyards of Limnos which radiate from the city. The city does produce other goods but few are worth mentioning compared to its wine and Amasec.

Anarchy (Originally Mercantile Plutarchy)
Originally an agri-city specialising in Grox raising, resent events have changed it significantly. Two years of protected war with the city of Pontus have destroyed this once prosperous city. What started as a territorial dispute about water access to the agric-settlements near to both cities exploded into broader dispute then armed conflict. Starting with imperial arbitration arfter which failed, ritual combat between the cities Auxilai commenced. This combat was inconclusive and even though Pontus was declared victorious by the Adeptus Administratum, Ladon’s merchant lord council pushed for escalation. This escalation was mirrored by Pontus, who through the use of superior Iron Trireme numbers blockaded Ladon. In the course of the conflict it was this Blockade which was to break the back of the Ladon economy, military then society. The war finished when three Pontus Iron Trireme bombard Ladon city for 3 days after roundly defeating the Ladon navy.
The land war had procedded well for Ladon till the navel assault which cut resupply and forced their chaotic retreat. The city’s Auxilai were near obliterated when overrun, while trying to withdraw back to the city. During the bombardment and Auxilai rout the majority of the Ladon elite were killed and the city’s infrastructure was all but destroyed. It was Ecclesiarchy arbitration which finally saw the withdrawal of Pontus forces. What remains is a blackened shell of a city striped of its outlying territory by the victorious city of Pontus, with no functioning government. When the government fell only petty warlords and surviving mercantile clans rouse to divide up the burning city, what remains cant be described to as a “city” any more.

Mercantile Dictatorship
Named after the river the city spans lethe trades raw materials from the interior townships down its long wide river out to sea to other cities. Other wise the city is unremarkable, except for the the elegant high bridges which span the river without interfering with the numerous shipping traffic.

Mercantile Plutarchy
A mining and refining city, which tries to compete with the metals monopoly the cities of Midas, Hephaestus and Aes have established. The monopoly remains intact due to the poor investment in Nete and the pricing wars which Nete cant compete in, pushing the local economy to the limit.

Recreation is the base function of the city, sited unusually away from the sea perched in the mountains. The hot springs in the mountains act as a magnet for those wish it relax but also for those convalescing. A sophisticated medical facility has developed in Nymphe in recent centuries to treat the patients visiting the city, which in turn has attracted more.

Milos the twined city
Family Plutarchy
A generation past the two neighbouring cities of Mi and Los had a political merger. This was to the outside observer an not unsurprising event, the two city limits had merged hundreds of years past as there close proximity placed them both at the head of the river Mornos. However the more astute political observers we amazed, as despite their proximity a bitter competition had been in affect for generations. Both cities specialized in shipping with docks and shipyards domination both urban landscapes. It took the vision of a new elite to bring about a fusion of both cities, bring into being one of the largest economic powers in Kyros. This new elite was the mercantile prince-ling Theophanes, who already run a substantial commercial fleet. The events of his ascendency is cloudy but no ritual combat between Auxilai occurred, just a rapid disappearance of the old city elite.

Midas, Hephaestus and Aes
Limited democratic republic
These three city states dominate the global metals market as a single industrial combine. Each specialises Aes with its production of copper, Hephaestus Iron and Midias gold and other precious metals. They are all heavily industrialised, sucking ores from the mines which catacomb the landscapes around them. Geographically they are not particularly close but geopolitically and economically they are, having conspired to control the flow of metals globally.

Moros Hegemony
Has the largest body of standing Auxilai of any city state, 10,000 men underarms. The city of Moros is the core of a military and political hegemony, which has been expanding for the past half millennium. The city always had a military bent but the rise of military junta to the city’s leadership focused this to an obsession. Expansion begin with the townships of the intimidate inter, later focus would fall on other states. The Moros now holds in its sway two other cities, which have fallen under its influence after continued ritual combats perpetrated on flimsy pretexts over decades. These assaults bleed the other cities dry of their finest and bravest citizenry, till total war was imminent. It was these attacks and threats which have brought the cities of Pállas and Geryon into subjugation. The defeated cities then supply Moros with labour and materials which sustain and enable their military aggression. Over the last eighty years Moros had been at peace, licking the wounds it had suffered in its expeditions.
(Ex Aristocracy)
An unremarkable agri-city, which stood little chance in the face of Moros aggression. Pállas lost every ritual combat it fought in at extraordinary high costs, the ruling royal family lost all but one of their scions to these conflicts. The high cost and eventual escalation brought the city to the brink of war, the old prince of Pállas surrendered after 50 years of this, heart broken with the pain his family and people had suffered.
(Ex Aristocracy)
Near the end of the conflict between Moros and Pállas the city of Geryon tried to intercede on Pállas behalf. Over the next century Moros would vindictively persecute Geryon, with the same treatment it had meated out to Pállas previously. Geryon was large, proud and industrious holding out alone for a hundred years, yet with none of its neighbours willing to risk its fate by interceding it fell. Unlike Pállas Geryon bleed it self dry fighting to the bitter end, even into open warfare. This meant when it was subjugated it was little prize to Moros, which had also suffered fighting entrenched enemy for many years.

Porta Caeli
Absolute democracy
This rather small city specialises in the production of air craft and the more technically sophisticated composite materials which are used in the more advanced aircraft. The city has a highly educated population who man the advanced production facilities testing fields and design laboratories. The city has been on the cusp of revolutionising of globe transportation but vested interests have disinterest have hampered this. The city is ringed in landing pads, runways even a proto-starport, many of the city’s elite use aircraft in travel and many of the lighter supplies are brought in by air to the city.

Port D
Adeptus Administratum transfer the collected deuterium from the Offshore Girdler sulfide chemical exchange facilities to the capital via pipeline stemming from port D. The port houses a technical and administrative staff limited to an industrial compound. Outsides the sites perimeter is an unofficial settlement which supply diversions and auxiliary services to the staff of the pipeline complex. The protection of the “city” and pipeline is tasked jointly to the Kyros Auxilai and Adeptus Arbites as both sites are of prime interest to the imperial authorities.

Limited democratic republic
An agri-city specialising in grain / rice cultivation and distillation of the above, it was access to clean non-salt water which brought conflict with Ladon originally. Pontus did not escalate its dispute with Ladon into all out war, it did finish it however with a brutal navel bombardment on the opposing city. Dispute being the victor in the recent conflict and annexing outlying Ladon territory Pontus exits the war in poor condition. The war on land did not proceed well till in the war costing thousands of lives and too much money was borrowed to sustain the war effort, this means Pontus is not in a position to fill the power/ economic vacuum left by the disintegration of its neighbour. The felling of loss despite a military victory is bound to have implications on the serving centralist government when the coming elections swing round.

Mercantile Plutarchy
A hugely industrious city mass producing goods of every variety, things from land transports to commercial vox receivers. The city’s ubiquitous factory blocks and warehouses draw resources both human and material from across the globe, ravenously consuming both. Each factory is like a state in itself, the owners corporate or individual control their realms completely. Employees are indentured and commonly issued with company scrip rather than credits in payments. This scrip can in turn only be exchanged at overpriced company shops.

Not a city but a mountain town which has fallen under the leadership of a Redemptionist cult.
Redemptionist observe the imperial creed and its doctrines in the strictest possible way, making Proteus a paradise for the zealot and a tough town for the sinner. Despite the cults excess many neighbouring settlements enjoy the honesty and simplicity of its citizens. Many frontier preachers are cropping up in the townships of the interior, wearing the red flamed robes of the Redemptionist.

Mercantile Plutarchy
Home to Aceso the planets only pharmaceutical giant manufacturing almost all sophisticated local medicine. The giant all but runs the city and surrounding territories which produce the basic organic complements for their Bio refineries.

The original name of the city has been lost but its current name is believed to be from the leading noble family, the house of Priam who once ruled over it. Academics from Clio believe the city was devastated in a multi city conflict during the first centuries of the planets occupation. In almost three thousand years the city has not recovered, what ever weapons were used have “salted” the ground leaving a rad / chem wasteland. The city is occupied now by particularly desperate outlaws, criminals, outcasts and immensely optimistic scavenges.

Tinos Imperial city
Dictatorship by imperial governor
Tinos has nether the beauty of Byzantios nor the raw industrial power of Milos or Thera. What Tinos does have is almost every imperial and planetary organ of note housed in its limits. The city comes closest to the structure of a hive city than any where on the planet, a testament to its importance. The city domes slightly rather than rising to the spires of a classic hive, and has only a population of around half a million. A hive city it might not truly be, yet on Kyros its still by far the biggest urban centre, with 1/8th the planets population. The high population has created quite a large underclass which in turn has sprouted gang violence which riddles the low streets of the city.
The star-port is the prime feature of the city with Tinos historically growing from it, which explains why the port is so centrally located. The star-port now sits on a reinforced platform looming over the central portions of the city, the area below this is the under city. This unusual distribution has meant the areas to the periphery of the city have the highest status not being dominated by an over hanging platform.

Mercantile Plutarchy
An example of one of the few mountain cities, technically not one of the city states, which denies it any representatives on the Phyle councial. The fact the city is only 500 years old and its comparitive succes has keep jelours coastal citys from alowing its political birth, a fact the city would love to remidy. The city is founded on a thriving caramics industry, which ranges from the domestic to the industrial, as meany engerining and electrical devices reqire ceramic parts.

Craft guild Plutarchy
A small city which is celebrated for its craftsman, who don’t deal in the scales of production like Ponos but in high quality goods. Mass production is absent with focus on the artisan and quality of goods above all else. As a result goods from Techne command significant prices, yet affordable by the few.

Tax haven and open city, which provides desecrate financial services to any who have wealth and wish to retain it. The city has a sparse population most employed in the laborious works of the Cogitator mills or Scriptoriums, the rest are menials servicing the city’s basic needs.

Territories of Prometheus
Crude promethium is not a common resource on Kyros, most liquid fuel commonly refined from coal or bio- fuels. The territories of Prometheus is an exception, the whole lowland to mountains are speckled with drilling towers and refineries No centralised city exists but the ruling families have luxurious estates dotting the coastline over seeing the super tanker facilities disturbing their only export. Originally 200 years ago the area was a vast agri-district till promethium was discovered. The ruling noble families fortunes were made in the following decades, with agri pursues all but abandoned.

Cities of Kyros

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