Significant locations

Significant locations

Mechanicus Mine facility
This facility is seen as the core of the Mechanicus on Kyros.
A vast Uranium mine with attached reactor core foundry.
Located in mountains 250 km north of imperial capital.
Employs thousands of indentured Mechanicus menials and well as specialised Mechanicus personnel.
Includes One attached bulk lifer for transport of materials and constructed cores.

Pressurized heavy-water reactors and associated power grid
Contracted to supply planetary needs the network spans the globe focued around the populous coastal regions.
45 reactors supplying all major city states as well as the imperial city/space-port of Tinos and as shrine city of Byzantios.

Offshore Girdler sulfide chemical exchange facility’s
The platforms sit far out to sea, better enabling them to tap the depths of the oceans, where deuterium is located at the highest concentrations.
Jointly administrated between the Administratum and Mechanicus.
12 platforms 75,000 gross tonnage each

Famed Milos shipyards
The twin cites now account for the most extensive and advanced shipping yards on the planet, with even the Mechanicus leasing dry-docks and workshops from the local administration.

The Scholas Progenium of mount Hermon
The Scholas Progenium of mount Hermon is famed for the iron willed pupils it creates, perfect for placement in the sectors Commissariat and storm troop regiments.

Argent Shroud fortress Convents
The Order of the Argent Shroud maintain two fortress Convents on Kyros, one predictably in the mountains north of the shrine city of Byzantios and the other in the imperial capital of Tinos.

Arbite precinct house
Located in the centre of the imperial capital Tinos, is the Adeptus Arbites precinct house. The name is deceiving but the heavy walls and numerous gun emplacements are not, it represents one of the most fortified complexes on the planet. Its Rumoured the complex extends deep underground and likely contains the supply’s for a small army to hold out for months even years of protracted conflict.

Lady of the lake Mountain retreat
Retreat complex opposite the peak which the Tinos Adepta Sororitas convent sits on in the mountains looking over the capital. The facility offer a space for the traumatised or over worked to rest and recover mentally. The staff specialise in spiritual exercises to steel and refocus the will of members and friends of the Ecclesiarchy.

Byzantios Cathedral
A massive Gothic cathedral dwarfing the avenues and buildings around it, a beautiful monument to man’s dominion on this world. Under the cathedral is the bastion reliquary of the Ecclesiarchy housing many treasured relics and the “Clarion call archive” which covers the first millennia and original settlement history of Kyros.

Adeptus Administratum palace
Likely the single largest single building on the planet dwarfing even the vast Byzantios Cathedral. The building is actually a warren of gradual additions which contain the immense staff of Administratum administrators. Big the palace might be but certainly not beautiful its bulk houses libraries, archives, scribe billets, and officers administering a dizzying array of functions. Amongst many things the planetary records for the last two millennia are held somewhere inside, picking up from the Ecclesiarchy’s “Clarion call archive” which covers the first millennia and original settlement.

Mustering Field
Till the posting of the 19th Scintillan Fusiliers to Kyros the mustering field sat empty. Only occupied when the Administratum demands a mustering of Kyros imperial guard regiments, which has not occurred in 10 Sol standard years. With the unexpected arrive of the 19th accompanied by their support staff, considerable arsenal, supplies, vehicles and camp followers the Administratum and Governor billeted them to Mustering field. During the last six mouths as small town has grown around the military encampment supplying the regiments needs.

The Cyclopean citadel
Traditional seat of the the Imperial governor, his official residence as well as administrative offices are located in this immense structure. This structure is made from 5 by 5 meter Limestone Monoliths fitted together with minimal clearance between adjacent stones and no use of mortar. The outwards surface has weathered extensively over the three millennia, giving a strange irregular organic surface texture.

The House of the Strategos
This vast walled complex accounts for parade grounds, armouries ,troop billets and headquarters for 2500 members of the Kyros Auxilai. This is the total PDF force under direct control of the first Princep (Auxilai commander) stationed in Tinos for the imperial capital’s protection.

Pleasure palaces of Limnos city
Limnos famous for its wine and Amasec, yet in more recent years has become notorious for its night district where any visitor can pass a present evening for the right price, sampling the delectable local wines and women.

Township of Equines
This town is essentially a ranch supplying horses for the Auxilai and the demands of the backwards mountainous interior towns. Traditionally this township has supplied mounts for the Auxilai for almost two millennium. The town is one of the satellite settlements of Tinos 100km east of the city, also contains an agri-settlement which produces grain for the animals.

Walls of Tinos
The walls are used to control passage into the old city, which accounts for the star-port, under city beneath and the surrounding high status neighbourhoods which directly neighbour the star-port. The walls are composed of a ring of massive granite blocks reaching ten meters high with 6 gates equidistant from each other. What makes them less effective is the unrestrained growth of the city, where tower blocks dwarfing the walls populate the street either side of it.

Significant locations

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