The Kyros Auxilai (Planetary Defence Force)

The Kyros Auxilai (Planetary Defence Force)

“Fhilip invented the invincible fhalanx. Upon Fhilip’s death his son, Alexandros the Outstanding, set forth to conquer the whole of Terra ”
- Introductory lecture at the marshal academy of Kurush

The primary military defence forces of all individual Imperial worlds. The PDF are under the control of the local planetary government rather than direct Imperial control; the raising, training, arming, leadership, etc.. According to Imperial law, all Imperial planets must maintain a standing army in order to maintain the planetary government’s (and thus Imperial) control over the world against any possible invasion or insurrection.

The Auxilai are the pooled city state Auxilai from across the world. The Specialist Hoplite units of the Auxilai deploy somewhat exotic long las spear staffs and mirror reflective flack board shields. This antiquated battle formation and wargear dates back to the regiments formed from Sud Europa during the unification wars. Few members have seen action outside the ritual combat the city states often engage in. Yet the Auxilai of each city are often exceedingly well drilled, with some members devoting their lives to the perfection of their art.
It is also rumoured some city rulers keep less honourable troop formations, yet this accusation is a grave slur to be levelled on any city state.

The Kyros Auxilai (Planetary Defence Force)

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